Entrepreneur and inventor Jacob Astor IV was the wealthiest person on famous Titanic

The story of the richest passenger on Titanic – entrepreneur John Jacob Astor IV

Today, we are going to tell about the richest passenger on Titanic who, in fact, possessed the biggest fortune and was one of the richest men in the States.

Jacob was an entrepreneur. He not only managed to save and maintain all his properties, but also multiply his family fortune. The legendary man took part in the Spanish-American war providing the US troops with his own naval vessel and partially equipped the rank of colonel.

In addition, John was an inventor. He invented a brake for a bicycle, participated in the creation of a battery, a road rammer, a turboprop engine and an aircraft as well. Astor was also a writer and gave the world such a masterpiece as “Journey to Other Worlds” which is about future and flights to other planets.

In 1909. Jacob divorced his first wife with whom he had a daughter and an heir. In two years, Astor married an 18-year-old girl named Madeleine who was one year old younger that the man’s 47-year-old son’s heir.

People started to heavily criticize their union and the spouses decided to move to the US for a relatively long honeymoon period traveling to other counties as well such as France and Egypt. During their trip, Madeleine became aware of her pregnancy.

In April, 1912, Astor with the others appeared on Titanic and after four days an immense and destructive iceberg appeared on their way.

Jacob left the cabin to find out the details, returned and assured his concerned wife that everything was alright. He tried to keep calm and pretended that nothing had happened. Shortly after, all the passengers traveling in the first class went out.

1.45 all the girls, women and children had to be gathered. Jacob tried to join his young pregnant wife but he didn’t manage to.

The body of the famous millionaire was found after a week. In August, the woman gave birth to their heir who was named after his father. The woman became the owner of 5 million and luxurious houses.

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