This journalist at 22 married a 61-year-old soldier and this is how they live after 7 years

Here is what the couple of a young girl and a 61-year-old soldier looks like

“Love knows no boundaries”, whereas far not everyone actually agrees with this popular statement. We can rarely meet couples with a big difference in age that are accepted by everyone in society. And today’s heroes will definitely surprise you as this girl at her 22 married an elderly man who used to be a soldier.

When they first met, 22-year-old Victoria worked as a journalist in media.  She was going to take an interview from an elderly pensioner named Boris who proved to be her future husband.

Boris used to be a soldier and had been married for 30 years, whereas his beloved wife, misfortunately, passed away leaving him absolutely alone. What is more, Victoria was married at that time but was unhappy with her husband.

During their first encounter, they felt nothing towards each other but afterwards the couple met in various events and gradually formed a close relationship.

Shortly after, Victoria realized that she felt something more towards Boris. The elderly man also felt sympathy for the young girl but tried not to pay attention to it as the huge difference in age prevented him from forming a romantic relationship with her.

The soldier clearly realized that Vicky was too young for him, but the girl’s parents weren’t actually against their union and wished their daughter happiness.

Victoria rushed to divorce her husband whom she didn’t love and, despite the criticism towards them, she agreed to be with Boris.

At the moment, Boris is already 68 and the spouses raise a daughter named Eva.

They periodically turn to a psychologist in order to solve their family problems and disagreements which appear from time to time and to raise their daughter in a proper way as well.

Though Victoria’s parents were glad of their union, their relatives can’t accept their choice till today. Some of them even stopped communicating with the family.

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