Admirable sand sculptures looking absolutely realistic can astonish all of you

Realistic-looking wonderful sand sculptures by an amateur artist

Art can be totally different, sometimes strange, sometimes original and innovative. We want art in music, compositions and pictures but there are artists who can do this task completely differently.

Today we will show you the wonderful realistic-looking sand sculptures by a skillful amateur man named Andoni Bastorrica.

One day, the talented artist was enjoying his time on the beach with his daughters. And once he witnessed them trying to sculpt some objects out of sand, the man clearly realized that he eventually revealed his hidden talent.

He is actually a self-learner and has never been taught by anyone else or in some colleges but achieved great success by being so blessed and talented.

For each sculpture, the man requires about 1000-1500 kilos of sand. What is more, he works without gloves as he loves to feel the material he is working with.

In order to get one complete sculpture, the artist needs about 6-12 hours of painstaking and diligent work.

Did you like the amateur artist’s fantastic sculptures?

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