It took five days to untwist the dreadlocks and this is how the poor girl’s hair now look

This is how the girl’s hair look when she removed dreads after 3 years

“Dreadlocks” is a fashionable kind of hairstyle nowadays and they are widely popular especially with the young generation. This type of hairstyle gives people the sense of comfort and is quite stylish.

Whereas, this hairstyle has some disadvantages as well. The first and the worst of which is the process of untwisting them when it is already time to remove them. In this girl’s case, she wore these dreadlocks for about three years and only now did she decide to untwist them.

The heroine of this story named Bell Cowman had dreadlocks for about three years and now she eventually intended to untwist them.

Removing one single dreadlock took more than an hour for the poor girl which was shocking. Overall, Bell and the people who came to help her with this difficult task spent five days untwisting her dreadlocks.

The confused girl desperately asked her mother and grandmother for help. They needed some water, hair masks and combs.

First, Bell decided to apply the care product on each dread, then, after waiting for the dread to sock, she carefully combed it. Gradually, all the dreadlocks were untwisted.

During the process, Bell saw a tuft of her hair falling from her head and was totally shocked and confused.

A new hairstyle

She is currently unrecognizable. After removing the dreadlocks and having a fresh haircut, she became very elegant and beautiful.

Her unpleasant experience clearly showed that we shouldn’t neglect our hair condition and we must regularly take care of them.

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