The husband of Julia Roberts revealed their teenage son Henry after a relatively long time

J. Roberts’s husband shared a photo of their teenage son Henry

The 53-year-old successful and talented actress as well as a wonderful mom Julia Roberts rarely discloses the details of her private life and shows up with her family, or shares family pictures very occasionally. Whereas, her 52-year-old husband Daniel Moder often posts fascinating family photos revealing their happy life and three wonderful children they raise together.

Recently, Moder shared a video with his younger son named Henry. When Henry turned 14, Daniel shared one of his videos revealing the teenager skating in slow mo. And as it was clearly seen in the footage, the younger son takes a great interest in this hobby.


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There were a lot of comments below claiming how they are proud of seeing the talented boy realizing his dreams and noting that Henry is already a kind of a master in this sport. Some even remarked that Henry is an exact copy of his father Daniel.

It is worth mentioning that Roberts and Moder have already been married for more than 19 years. Besides Henry, the happy family also raises 16-year-old twins and their names are Hazel and Phinnaeus. The spouses confess that their kids hardly realize how popular and influential Julia actually is and they, first of all, accept her as their mother.



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