A woman and her adopted cat became mother the same day

This is a very nice story about two soulmates Laura and Dove who passed their pregnancy together and gave birth the same day. 

A young couple found a damaged cat far from their house while they were driving back to home. When they went to the animal health center they couldn’t even imagine what a beautiful surprise they were going to find. The cat was pregnant.

After Laura, who was also pregnant felt a great conversation with the kitty and they decided to adopt her.

After veterinarian told them that she was okay they came home and made a comfortable please for the kitty and the babies that were going to come to the world soon. The couple called the cat Dove.

Now she is safe and in good hands. They became friends very fast. The connection that they have is something very special. Laura it connects with their state.

She told us, that the kitty was always following her everywhere she went. And also she loves spending time outdoors with her adopted mom.

What a surprise expected to Laura when she came back home after giving birth to her daughter. Dove welcomed her with her own newborn babies.

That was a miracle for both of them. Giving birth e practically the same day is another sign of great connection.

And after she adds that her daughter as well feels and loves the kittens. First they were introduced to each other when the baby had ably 5 weeks. Laura was happy to see that baby also showed some kind of calmness and love to words the cats.

After some time the kitties have found their new owners and separated from the big family, but Laura felt happy knowing that all of them are in good hands and with caring people.

She also said that luckily all of them lived close to her and she could see them and still keep the relationship with them.

To finish she added that she was very happy to break her own rule not to bring animals to home while she was expecting the baby. That was a great experience for her to have Dove close to her during her pregnancy and after.





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