This horse walking on her own for years gets treats and makes people adore her

An adorable horse taking a walk alone for already 14 years

Outdoor cats are believed to daily go for walks and another kind of pet that this fascinating story is dedicated to is named Jenny.

She daily takes walks along the streets of Germany without anyone accompanying her and caring a note which says “I am Jenny and I haven’t run away from anywhere. I am simply taking a walk on my own, thanks a lot”.

Jenny has been walking for 14 years completely alone since her owner being sick and old is now not able to walk the animal. That’s why she takes a walk completely alone.

She is an Arabian mare and has been wandering along the streets of Germany in the city of Frankfurt on her own for more than 14 years.

Previously, Jenny was a member of a caravan and, as his owner recalls, they had another mare, a white shepherd.

She periodically leaves the house to take a walk which is required for her and returns home exactly on time.

As the local policy assures there is actually no danger and threat that the horse takes a walk alone along the streets in the crowds of passers-by.

Some comment that it goes against Jenny’s security and safety but the vets claim the majestic animal seems quite relaxed and restful.

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