The man could catch “the magic rabbit” on his camera for the first time in twenty years. So nice!  

After twenty years the scarce rabbit was noticed again.

This adorable animal, who is one of the most endangered species in the world, first time was noticed in 1983.

This creatures mostly can be found in the North West of China and after a long break the magic rabbit was found again by a conservationist named Li Weidong.

The man explained that there are less than 1000 species of these animals in the world  and their number decreases day by day.

After seeing that nobody was interested in those adorable animals the man had a good idea to protect as much helpless animals as they could and he created a team of 20 rescuers. But after noticing the lack of interest from the authorities he stopped everything though the fact the he put a lot of money in that work.

Every time those poor rabbits can be extinct, so humanity must put all their efforts in their protection.

Now Li is sixty and he cannot climb the mountains any more, so he asks the organisations to solve this problem.

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