The kind policeman couldn’t ignore the injured pit bull and it became his fate. How exciting!  

The helpless doggy was saved by a caring policeman.

Before meeting the helpful policeman, the injured doggy’s life was in danger. Fortunately, he was noticed by the man, who immediately took care about him.

While doing his job, a policeman named Matthew O’Hanlon found the helpless animal on the street. First the man examined the cutie to know everything about him, then it turned out that he was a stray animal.

He immediately took the baby to the shelter to be under the care of vets because he had some injuries.

The poor baby attracted the man, so he knew that couldn’t let the animal stay in the shelter for a long time. He understood that the doggy needed some medical care so he had to leave him there.

The kind policeman couldn’t wait anymore so after twenty minutes he connected to the shelter and said that wanted to adopt the cutie. He and his girlfriend decided to take care about him, but there were some obstacles that disturbed the couple to adopt him so quickly. First he must be cured, then completely examined by the vets, so they could take him to home until he would be fully recovered.

After some time the couple was able to adopt him and they called the cutie Thor, because both are strong Marvel fans.

Even the police department shared their story on Facebook and it became famous.

So the helpless animal found his forever home with caring and attentive owners by his side.

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