The dog went to the police station, to inform he’s self missing

The dog, informed the police about his missing

The dog went to the Odessa Police Station in Texas very unexpectedly and climbed into the counter.

A generous dog wanted to inform the authorities to a current problem, that a specific person had gone missing from home.

An officer Rusty Martin was at the station inspecting, that the dog looked as “a lost dog”. He went there to have a good time, and he succeeded.

“All of us were happy to have him in the building. We had a tennis ball and we gave him it as a plaything. He was everyone’s favourite.

Although they were happy to see a dog, they didn’t forget about the matter he’d brought up in the first place.

Although the dog was wearing a collar, there wasn’t an ID tag, it was fallen off.

Considering, that he’d been “lost” for a long time, he went back to his home.

Martin wrote on his Facebook account, that the dog went as fast as he walked in. The next day the dog’s owner contacted, that his dog had returned home. He lives a mile away from the train station.

Martin told, that the dog could be useful for their work.

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