This dedicated animal keeper helps these orphan bears fall asleep cuddling with them

The wildlife keeper hugs the orphaned bears to help them fall asleep

There are still people out there who are eager to undertake everything possible to save and help the innocent animals, even if these majestic creatures can weigh about 1500p.

And this gentle-hearted and dedicated wildlife keeper does absolutely everything for these orphan babies. He even sometimes takes a nap with them to make them feel safe and protected.

Jim Kowalczik has always been a great animal lover and enthusiast who sincerely adores animals doing everything on his own to protect and help them as much as he can. He and his wife even managed to found the wildlife rehabilitation center for orphan bears.

And it has already been 20 years the devoted couple takes good care of the animals who desperately need their help. Whereas, the man had never had such an inseparable bond with any animal as he has with these two. They, in fact, immediately formed a firm bond with each other.

The connection between them, their unconditional love and faithfulness towards each other is definitely something we don’t witness very often nowadays. Now you can also enjoy the fascinating video the man with the friendly bears playing with snow.

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