This newborn foal rejected by his mom befriends with a teddy bear

The abandoned little foal finds comfort in a teddy bear

In this emotional footage a little newborn foal abandoned by his mother shortly after his birth finds most comfort and complete protection in a stuffed teddy bear.

After being heartlessly rejected by his mom, the newborn foal was lucky enough to meet a bighearted farmer who immediately informed the Foal Sanctuary, UK, about the poor abandoned baby. The foal seemed extremely dehydrated and exhausted and no one hoped that things would change for the better for the tiny baby.

But after he was sent to the sanctuary his condition radically changed as he managed to find most support and protection he needed. Mostly, it was the teddy bear that gave him warmth and protection.

The executive director was very glad to witness the abandoned baby gently interacting with the teddies and snuggling onto them. He confesses they give him complete protection and company which is essential for all the babies.

In fact, sanctuaries frequently give the abandoned animal some stuffed toys so that they don’t feel themselves lonely and have a companion.

They added that after some time the baby was provided with a special milk and proper care and treatment. And now, he is, fortunately, growing stronger, healthier and bigger.

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