The horse’s and cat’s inseparable bond for 7 years is something out of this world

The warm friendship between a horse and a cat literally shocked the world

This awesome cat was obliged to live in a special shelter until he turned 9 months. He was mercifully adopted by a gentle-hearted human who kindly gave him a forever home and caring hands.

Initially, the feline was confused and unapproachable, yet this was before they brought the horse. The cat started to befriend and trust the horse before he trusted his human parents. After a while, the adorable cat started to treat everyone in a friendly way.

They always enjoy their precious time spent together. They are constantly by each other’s side, play and interact. The animals couldn’t imagine a single day without each other.

At first, it was the gentle horse who tried to make friends with the unapproachable cat and, in fact, he definitely succeeded, as the kitten couldn’t resist and showed signs of friendship as well. They feel completely safe and secure when they are together and ready to support each other in any difficult situation. They are even eating, drinking and napping together which is definitely something out of this world.

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