Tree of life will define the real age of your soul. Which life path is waiting for you

Choosing a tree of life you will be aware of the age of your soul

In many religions it is believed that one and the same soul comes and goes several times but in different incarnations and at different times. It gradually becomes more and more mature providing us with life experiences, great opportunities and benefits. Today, will learn a lot of new information about your soul.

Get in contact with your subconscious

Your subconscious knows absolutely everything, even the things you forgot or weren’t even aware of.

You will be required to

Close your eyes and try to relax

Feel the complete freedom

Open your eyes and look at the images of tress

Which one did you like most?

The decoding of your choice

The first tree, “Wisdom”. Your soul has come to this world nearly 20 times. You are now a wise individual who appreciates philosophy, spiritual development, the desire to help those who are in a desperate need. Your soul is approximately 2000 years old.

The second tree, “Logic”. You were born more than 12 times and this means that you have gone through chaos and came to the side of “prudence”. We are more than sure that your soul is 1200 years old.

The third tree, “Origin”. You are young and inexperienced. You were born 5 times that’s why everything is chaotic in your life. There are many things you will learn in the course of time during your souls’ further development. Currently, the first priority for you is the knowledge of feelings. Your soul is 500 years old and you still have a long way ahead of you.

The fourth tree, “Expression”. Your soul is graceful, young and you were born 8 times. You desire to create, breathe deeply, feel the freedom not being dependent on someone or something. Your soul is already 800 years old.

The fifth tree, “Peace of mind” or “Tranquility”. You came to this world about 15 times. You have a very restrained character. You possess many praiseworthy abilities and talents and are considered to be a “universal” personality. You came to this world in order to choose your way on your own.


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