Revealing your secret fears and phobias! What are you actually afraid of?

This psychological test will disclose your biggest fear

There are people who are afraid of spiders, height and even clowns. Whereas, these are considered to be physical fears. There exists such a strange expression “mental phobia”. The thing is that we can fear of something subconsciously without being aware of it. That’s why we offer you to take this psychological test to reveal your secret fears and phobias.

You will be required to

Close your eyes and not think about something else

Imagine that you will be sent to the most terrible and scary place in the world

In order not to be noticed by those terrible dwellers, you need sunglasses

Open your eyes and choose the pair of sunglasses you would like to wear

It is important you make the choice relying on your intuition and inner voice.

The decoding of this psychological test

  1. Solitude– this is your biggest fear. You need to be surrounded by other people all the time. Being lonely can literally destroy you.
  2. Unrequited feelings– you are afraid of a relationship where you and your partner won’t feel the same towards each other.
  3. People– in this case, a fear of new acquaintances. Exactly this factor causes discomfort and inconvenience for you. That’s why many people consider you an introvert and a reserved personality.
  4. Finances– Your financial issues bother you most. That’s why you always try to save money for the day you may become broke.
  5. Betrayal– You strongly fear of being betrayed by your partner in a relationship. That’s the main reason you always try to control the relationships. Betrayal from your friends can also harm you deeply.
  6. Death– It is undoubtedly a fact that absolutely everyone is afraid of death, even if they don’t confess it. But what concerns you, it is your biggest phobia.
  7. Failure, misfortune– You fear of being disgraced. For example, if you pronounce the word not in a correct way it becomes unbearable and disgracing for you.
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