Imagination, logic or attentiveness? Defining which characteristic feature prevails in you

This test will reveal your prevailing characteristic feature

Who actually are you? A dreamer with a rich imagination, iron logician or an attentive person? The accurate answer you will get by taking this psychological test.

A test for defining dominant features in your character

Look at the image attentively and note what you saw first. Then read the final results.

Nuclear explosion

According to the final results, you are a dreamer in your nature and one can only envy your rich imagination. You are able to think of literally anything. You should definitely try your hand in poetry or art. There is a likeliness that you will succeed in one of these spheres. But, at the same time, your rich and developed imagination doesn’t let you perceive the reality objectively and realistically.

Two hands

Logic is your biggest support. All your actions always have logical explanation. You can make professional and talented mathematics, programmers and chess players. You won’t do anything if you are not 100p sure of it or see no reason for doing it.  Yet, your logical mindset doesn’t let romantic characteristics occur in your relationships.

A tree

You are truly an extremely attentive person. You pay much attention to every single detail even if they seem insignificant or not relevant. You had better specialize in statistics or another sphere where attentiveness is required. Yet, your extreme attentiveness may cause irritation among other people.


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