A message from your guardian angel: What is the Universe trying to tell you?

A wing will send the message from your guardian angel

Every person is given a guardian angel by higher power. We, sometimes, feel that our inner voice is trying to convince us or that we are going to face a threat soon. Yet, unfortunately, we don’t always listen to our guardian angel.

Turning to your guardian angel

The higher power will get in contact with you through your subconscious.

You will be required to

Try to concentrate on taking this test

Close your eyes and imagine that a bright, warm color covers you

Look at the image presented to you

Which of these wings did you like most?

An important message from your guardian angel

  1. The high power is trying to warn you that you don’t need to hold onto your own emotions. You can seriously harm yourself in this way. It would be better if you use your logic and intuition. Only you are able to control the whole situation.
  2. You have literally forgotten about yourself. You had started to highly criticize that’s why your inner balance and harmony is now destroyed. If you don’t start to believe in your power and accept yourself, you are likely to be put into depression.
  3. Your guardian angel is trying to say that, at this moment, what you are doing is definitely not your cup of tea. Because of this, your life has become not interesting and monotonous.
  4. The Universe is trying to say that you stopped the development of your self-flagellation. You don’t need to compare yourself to others. Acquire to be a better personality and have a better life.
  5. Your angel tells that you should temper your ardor. In this stage of your life, you are an irritated person and behave rather aggressively. Because of this you can easily lose other people’ trust towards you. You should be careful with your behavior.
  6. The Universe advises you to clarify your values and prioritizes. You don’t need to focus only on money, incomes and benefits. You should develop spiritually as well.


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