Which of your qualities prevails in your character? This simple test will provide you with all the answers

The bow you choose will reveal your prevailing characteristic feature

If you want to learn what kind of personality you actually are and look at yourself from aside, we offer you this simple but informative test defining which characteristic feature prevails in you.

The rules for taking this psychological test

You will be simply required to obey some rules in order to get the accurate result.

You should fully concentrate and nothing should disturb you while taking the test

Imagine that you have to do a task- choosing the brightest thing

Here are 6 different bows presented to you.

Look at the image

Which one, do you think, is the brightest one?

Which bow did you choose?

  1. Modesty. You are a really gentle soul who knows how to control and restrain yourself. You know what the real intelligence and right up-bringing are. Many people are even convinced that you were born to an aristocratic family.
  2. Discipline. You are able to control yourself. At the same time, you are trying to discipline other people as well. You are very punctual and polite.
  3. Kind-heartedness. If someone asks you for help, you are always eager to offer your precious assistance. You literally spread warmth and many people are attracted and inspired by you.
  4. Purposefulness. If you have a life goal or ambition, you are definitely going to reach it and achieve success. You were born to be a genuine leader who knows exactly what he wants from life.
  5. Sociability. You can get along well with absolutely anyone. You are friendly and courteous towards the people around you.
  6. Responsibility. You are a very responsible personality who never lets anyone down. People sincerely believe and trust you.


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