This psychological test will reveal what kind of partner you are in relationships

The test will disclose if you are monogamous, appreciate passion or love in a relationship

Famous and experienced psychologists assure it is possible to define what kind of partner you are according to the combination of colors you choose. You will be required to choose a combination of colors you like and learn new and interesting things about yourself.

The first combination of colors

You are a trustful personality who give all of himself\herself in a relationship. You sincerely believe in pure and unconditional love. If you are lucky enough to find an honest and loyal partner, you will stay by each other until the end of your life.

The second combination of colors

In relationships you are quite an active with whom you will share your interests and be absolutely happy.

The third combination of colors

You like it when there is passion in a relationship. It is important for you that you are passionate towards each other. You will always try to find a partner for whom passion is much more essential than mind and character.

The fourth combination of colors

In your nature you are monogamous. You place a great importance on a sincere and pure love in a relationship. Even when the relationship has just started, you already begin to think of a wedding and family.

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