Choosing a candle your true needs and demands will be disclosed

The candle you choose will reveal what you lack of

Photo text (Choose a candle and learn what you actually need)

Visual tests can actually define people’s character and emotional state quite accurately and quickly. The thing is that, during taking this kind of tests, we make our subconscious work which is, in fact, constantly in contact with the Universe.

The choice of a candle

You will be required to relax, look at the presented image and choose the candle you like most. The variants are:









The black one

A new stage of life will begin when you let go of everything that happened in the past. Bravely stop the toxic and unhealthy relationships and get rid of harmful habits

The colorful one

This is mainly chosen by those who live with false fears and hopes. This is not right at all. You need to take your fate into your own hands and start taking action.

The cream one

These are people who live in their inner world which they created by themselves. They lack of energy and actions.

The blue one

You are not satisfied with your life at all. This relates to absolutely every sphere: work, private life, relationships. You need to have a rest and regain your power and energy

The green one

Those who chose this candle are always hesitating about everything. They keep themselves in a restricted circle and don’t let themselves develop and go ahead.

The yellow one

This is a symbol of those who are fully satisfied with their lives. Right, they go through a hard period of time as there are a lot of problems and troubles at the moment. Yet, with their optimism and determination they refuse to give up and believe in better future.

The purple one

You are downhearted and sad. These feelings are getting bigger and bigger. The main reason is your wrong decision in your past. You need to analyze all the relationships you are now in.

The white one

These people actually lack of tenderness and care. They should either analyze their current relationship or find a new partner in life.

The results

Here are such unusual examples. We assure you this test is absolutely accurate.


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