A psychological test: What type of way of thinking you have? Logical or creative?

Does a creative or logical way of thinking prevail in you?

We all are absolutely different and unique as compared to each other and we receive information, news and make decisions according to our way of thinking. That’s why psychologists have recently distinguished people into types. The process and the final result of this psychological test is totally controlled by you and is purely based on your subconscious.

First of all, focus on taking this personality psychological test. Take it quite seriously.

Look at the following picture for just a second

Answer the question: what did you manage to see first in the picture?

How does this psychological test based on images work?

Everything is much easier than you might think. The test’s final results will be totally associated and interconnected with your mindset and character. You simply need to appreciate and trust your abilities and skills.

Logic or creativity? What is closer to you?

What did you see first in the following image?

A dog’s muzzle. You looked at the picture in a traditional way that is you looking at it from left to right. This means you are an organized and self-disciplined personality. You like to analyze everything and approach the things and situations with “cold mind”. You are always prepared and treat everything that is going to happen very seriously and with extreme responsibility. The logical way of thinking prevails in you. You are very punctual, polite and tolerant.

A tail and a dog’s back paw. Did you see a dog’s paw and a tail first here? This indicates you looked from right to left. You always try to look and treat everything from every corner and side. You sometimes pay attention to what others won’t even notice. You are always open to new things and experiences. Your creative way of thinking prevails in this case. Besides, you are very hard-working and diligent. You are kind-hearted and somehow emotional. Also, you have a relatively good taste.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether a creative or logical way of thinking prevails in you. The most essential thing is to stay a good and kind human who is eager to bring something new and good to the world.

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