A psychological test exceptionally for girls! Learn your type and how you attract men

Choosing a silhouette you can learn how you attract men

Many girls are absolutely sure they are not attractive and interesting for the opposite sex at all. They are convinced men only pay attention to appearance. But, as it was figured out, 85 percent of men choose a life-long companion and partner according to girls’ character.

The requirement for taking this psychological test

In order to get totally accurate results, you will need to

Let go of your thoughts

Focus only on taking the test

Imagine that a man watches you right now

Try to concentrate on your feelings

Take a look at the following image

Which silhouette you like most

The most important thing here is association. Rely on your intuition which will definitely help you in this case.

Decoding of the test

Which silhouette did you finally choose?

  1. Spontaneous type. You actually possess a restless character and energy. You manage to always keep yourself active. Men clearly feel the energy inside you and fall in love with you at first sight.
  2. Fatal type. Men are eager to fight for your love. You are quite a strange individual with a special magnetism. Your determination and independence attract them.
  3. Housewifely type. You are able to make your home comfortable and keep the warmth. You are a family person and you are very caring treat the opposite sex in an appropriate way.
  4. Romantic type. You are simply an amazing personality for whom it is quite easy to communicate with men. You are associated with a real fairy and you treat your partner with respect.
  5. Sentimental type. You can effortlessly seduce any man with a single glance. A man by your side feels himself attractive and, at the same time, he craves to defend and take care of you.
  6. Overbearing type. You are literally a “steel lady”. You are ambitious and you know exactly what you want.

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