Types of personality based on colors: Find yourself and learn what your partner appreciates in you

Choose a color and learn which your qualities are appreciated by your partner

The favorite color may tell a lot of things about your personality. You will be surprised with how the test will provide you with a 100 percent true result about your character.

Defining your true personality is quite possible according to a color you like.

The color can affect your appetite, mood, disposition and, in some case, your decisions. This aspect is widely used in marketing, designers and deeply analyzed by scientists and psychologists.

Serious research was carried out based on classification of types of people by a Sweden psychologist Mark Lusher.

How to do a test “choose a color”

For objective and accurate result it is important to obey the following rules and requirements. You need to choose a color based on your intuition without associations with your interests or clothes.

The instructions

  1. You need to do psychological “choose a color” test while being in a calm emotional state
  2. In order not to pay attention to other things close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine your favorite color
  3. Start doing the test: choose a color you like most

The results of the test based on colors

Green is preferred by those who place a great importance to their inner balance, life and relationships

The following qualities are appreciated in this person:

A sense of tact

Willingness to compromise


The spiritual warmth

Purple is liked by people with various artistic potential. This type of people is mainly an introvert.

The following qualities are appreciated in this person:

Originality of mindset

The respect towards the limits of personal space



Excellent self-control

Red is chosen by those with charisma and incredible leading features. You are a energetic and active person.

The following qualities are appreciated in this person:

Inner power


Sense of purpose

The spirit of adventurer

Yellow is a sign of optimism and open-mindedness. You are able to always find positive sides in any difficult situation. You are quite kind-hearted and sociable.

The following qualities are appreciated in this person:

Sense of humor

Being romantic


Aspiration to achieve ideals

Orange is mostly preferred by those people who are greatly emotional.  You are straight and single-minded.

The following qualities are appreciated in this person:


Active mindset



Inclination to perfectionism

Blue is liked by those with deep love towards philosophy. You always keep your principles, preferences and positions. You can easily handle the drawbacks of other and not get irritated by them.

Your ideal husband



Being a good companion

Strong-willed personality

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