A psychology test: learn your dark side! What negative characteristics do you have?

Choose a cactus and your dark sides will be disclosed

Each coin has two sides. This is true for people as well. Everyone has both positive and negative features. If you are ready to know what your dark side is this test is undoubtedly for you.

Visual perception

According to your choice we will provide you with 100 percent accurate and actual result about your main characteristics.

In order to do the test you will be required to

Focus your full attention on the test

Imagine that you are watching yourself from side

Look thoroughly at each cactus

Choose the one which you would surely buy

There is no need to spend much time on the decision, 5 seconds will be enough. You will need to waken your sixth sense and use intuition.

The decryption of your choice

  1. Authoritarianism: You always desire to get the leading role and ready to neglect even your closest people in order to reach your goals and ambitions. You treat each refusal and rejection in a hot-tempered way.
  2. Greed: You are mainly concentrated on your profits and benefits. You always try to find good and positive sides in any situation.
  3. Talkativeness: Sociability is placed a great importance, yet you should know when to stop. You are sometimes not able to restrain yourself in most cases. You tend to gossip as well.
  4. Flippancy: You are regrettably an irresponsible person. You don’t always keep your words and promises. You are not restricted by the rules that are true for everyone in society.
  5. Vulgarism: You don’t have balance between originality and vulgarity. This becomes obvious not only by your life navigates but also your appearance.
  6. Curiosity: Extreme curiosity is not a good tendency and it is not always appropriate to catch up with everything and everyone. Focus on yourself.

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