The Englishman looks so young that he is confused with his daughter’s boyfriend. But in fact he is 56 and he is the grandfather of 7 grandchildren

The perfect body of a 56-years-old man, who looks much more younger

Surprisingly, some people are so good at looking younger that they even shock others when they admit how old they really are.

Briton Andy Wilkinson is 56, but it seems to many that he looks 20 years younger. He is often confused with his daughter’s boyfriend, and then they are surprised that he is actually her father, and also the grandfather of 7 grandchildren!

The Briton is confused with his daughter’s boyfriend, because he looks much younger than his years

Andy Wilkinson is 56 years old, but because of his figure and appearance, many believe that he is about 30

He has three children and seven grandchildren, but he does not look like a grandfather at all

On the contrary, many confuse him with his daughter’s boyfriend, the man said:

My friends laugh when people find out that I’m actually a grandfather and I have seven grandchildren.

He admits that he looks young not only due to genetics, but also because of his correct lifestyle.

The Briton has been doing strength training since the age of 18 and, according to him, has always been interested in looking good.

But seriously, he took up himself in the region of 30 years. Now the man works as a personal trainer and goes in for sports 3 times a week.

For the sake of sports, Andy left his old job and became a personal trainer. Andy helps his clients on the basis of personal experience, because during the training he realized what the body really needs at the age of 50:

I realized that protein shakes, bars and supplements will not help you get the body of your dreams. It’s about eating right, managing it, and cutting back on carbs as you get older.

According to Andy, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Andy believes that stress ages, so he tries not to worry and stay calm in any situation.

He drinks a lot of water, hardly drinks alcohol, does not overeat at night, goes to bed before midnight and sleeps in a room without a phone at hand.

Andy believes that lately people are constantly complicating their lives with new ideas for health.

The man believes that there is no need to reinvent the wheel – it is better to live in accordance with the basics of a healthy lifestyle, and not look for more and more complex methods.

After all, the key to success in this business is simplicity. And Andy wants to believe, because he clearly knows what he is talking about, if at 56 he looks 30!

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