Will your dream come true? The rose will answer your question

Choose a rose and learn whether your wish will come true or not

Each person dreams of something and then asks a question “Will my desirable wish come true one day?” Yet not everyone knows that our subconscious will help us get the answer of any question that bothers us. In this case, a psychological test based on pictures will help you a lot.

Test: Choose a rose

In order to make your subconscious work these rules should be accepted:

Close your eyes, relax and focus on your wish

Opening your eyes look at the picture that was presented to you

Choose one rose which you like most

There is no need to think which to choose. 5 seconds are enough

Note: Don’t read the answers beforehand, otherwise you won’t get the accurate result.

A psychological test based on colors: the result

This time you will choose one rose from these five ones. Why exactly these flowers? The thing is that for almost every person the roses are associated with something exalted, absolute, beautiful and nice.

We are always trying to keep the roses alive as long as possible as if they are our desires. Have you already chosen yours? Well, learn whether your dream will come true or not.

1.The lavender rose: You are currently in a very complicated emotional state. If you don’t reach balance and harmony inside you, you probably won’t reach your dreams and goals.

2.The red rose: This one symbolizes passion and love. In order to make your dream come true, you should accept and love yourself first and then the others around you. Only in this way you will achieve your goals.

  1. The pink rose: You are sometimes being so frivolous and careless. The fate can give you what you desire but you’re constantly trying to change something. You had better make up your mind.
  2. The dark red rose: This rose, in fact, chose you itself. Your mindset and way of thinking is quite distinguished that of others. You are definitely an artistic individual. If you truly want something, you will undoubtedly achieve it.
  3. The closed red rose: You are blind! You lack confidence and self-love. You surely need to be more ambitious, stubborn and not miss everything life offers you. Show kindness and treat other people gently. In this way you will get what you want most.

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