The ancient symbol of the Sun will reveal where your problems are coming from

Choose a sun and learn the seat of all your troubles

The psychologists have proved that a human can solve his or her problems but not get satisfied with that. This happens only because there is an issue that hasn’t been solved or fixed. Exactly this will always interfere and bother you but now you are given an opportunity to learn what the seat of the trouble is.

Divination on sun symbols

In order to learn where your problems are coming from you will be required

Not to pay attention to anything else and focus your full attention on the test

Think of your emotional state and problems on your way

Look at the picture and choose the one which attracted you most

It is essential in the process of choosing to rely on your intuition. If you try to use logic you are probably going to get the wrong result.

The meaning of the symbols

The first Sun: It means the main problem that bothers and interferes you is the absence of true love. You suppose that nobody really loves and takes care of you.

Perhaps, you feel that the beloved person you are currently with doesn’t feel the same towards you. Because of your need for love and tenderness you fail most things you want to accomplish. You need to fix the relationship you have with the person who makes you feel this.

The second Sun: Your soul simply disagrees with what you are physically doing. The main problem comes from this, the absence of balance and calm mind. You had better not broke your personal principles.

Even when other people don’t approve of your decision and actions you should always continue to listen to your heart. Only in this way you are going to reach your goals and have excellent accomplishments.

The third Sun: You are literally tortured by household chores. You are utterly fed up with family and household problems. You need to relax and focus your mind on something else. Go on a vacation or a trip. Regain your inner balance. You can’t even imagine how good and relieved you are going to feel after this. Due to this you can reach the balance of your body and soul as well as confidence and belief in yourself.

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