The owner discovered that his dog systematically visited his father’s grave which broke his heart

The man’s heart was broken when he found out where his dog goes to every single day

This real story is about a true loyalty, unconditional love and genuine faithfulness. All these praiseworthy features we will see not in a human, but in a dog with the nickname Caesar. His owner noticed that the fluffy creature started to behave himself in a very unusual and strange way and rushed to somewhere every single morning. When this became something systematic and habitual, the man decided to chase him in order to discover where he was secretly going to.

This is Ilham with Caesar. An ordinary owner with an ordinary dog at first sight.

The dog always behaved in a normal way that’s why the changes were quite obvious for his owner. When the owner started to follow him he couldn’t imagine the way would be that long. And at the end, the secret place was eventually disclosed: the dog was periodically coming to the owner’s father’s grave.

Two years ago the father of the owner became partly paralyzed and the doctors recommended the man to adopt a fluffy creature. And the family got an adorable dog from an animal shelter. The dog was real therapy for the unhealthy man and they soon became completely attached and inseparable. But once a tragic event happened to the family: the old man was taken to hospital and never returned home again.

Caesar couldn’t see his owner anymore and didn’t say goodbye to him but the animal perceived everything what actually happened to him. The emotional photos of the faithful dog during the father’s funeral went viral in the internet. Everyone could see the pain in his innocent and sad eyes.

No one can forbid the loyal dog to mourn the owner’s tragic death.

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