Before the flight the mother shared 200 presents with the all passengers from her 4-month-old son

Passengers were given small packages of presents and a note by the mother of a 4-month-old baby

The passengers impatiently occupied their seats before the 10 hours flight. Suddenly, a young mother with a newborn baby in her hands appeared and started to walk in the cabin. She gave each passenger a small present and continued her way.

Many people shared this fascinating story on Facebook and their words were proved by the others who also witnessed the fascinating situation. The young mother didn’t ask anything, instead, she gave each of them a small package.

Inside the packages there were candies, earplugs and a note.

In short there was written that it was from Junwoo, a 4-month old baby and he gwas going to the US in order to visit his aunt. That meant he might cry and make unpleasant noises as he was scared flying for the very first time in his life. That’s why his mom gently prepared some small presents for each of them and asked traveling people to excuse her innocent, but naughty baby.

The baby didn’t even cry during the long flight yet no once refused to take the candies from him and some of them rushed to tell the surprising and heartwarming story with others.

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