The story of the missing expedition to the North Pole, which was found 33 years after the disappearance

The expedition, that might have end in a sad way

The idea of reaching the borders of the North Pole did not leave the minds of desperate travelers of the nineteenth century. Someone managed to discover new lands and forever fix a name in history, and for someone the adventure became the last life test.

Cherished quest

Swedish freight forwarders, like everyone else, really wanted to add a piece of land to themselves at the expense of unexplored places. One of these enthusiasts was André Salomon. He tried to prove to the Royal Academy of Sciences that dog sledding, walking and boat trips did not give the desired results. He considered the charliere to be the only right decision – a silk dome filled with hydrogen, to which a gondola laden with cargo clung.

Colleagues did not seek to support Andre. And, who knows, if not for Alfred Nobel, maybe he would not have flown on his expedition. However, a famous philanthropist donated to him a total of sixty-five thousand crowns. He received another half from the King of Sweden. In terms of current figures, he had an amount equal to one million dollars.

The funds were spent on the creation of a charlier, equipment and the purchase of provisions. After the first checks, one of the three members of the group – Niels Ekholm – left the line-up because he did not believe in the viability of the plan. He criticized the seams of the dome, pointing out that they leak gas, which is why the calculated data is completely wrong. The vacant position was not empty for long – soon the young and enterprising Kurt Frenkel, a builder and engineer, agreed to take it.

From the very beginning, the flight did not work out. The crew had to drop a significant part of the cargo, because of which they flew high and lost control. Two days later, they landed in uninhabited areas and, of course, were forced to return home. However, this plan was not destined to come true.

The lost expedition was found after 33 years. With them they had enough supplies, an intact tent and warm clothes. Nothing prevented them from getting home. Only after a thorough study, experts concluded that undercooked polar bear meat could have caused a sad outcome.

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