The story of Jeanne Calment, who at the age of 90 bequeathed an apartment to a lawyer in exchange for a solid pension and … lived to be 122 years old!

An interesting contract, that became successful for a 122 years old woman

A Frenchwoman named Jeanne Calment was born in 1894 in the city of Arel. Her father was a wealthy shipowner, so the girl’s childhood passed comfortably. And already at the age of 21, she found a life partner – an equally rich store owner. She led a carefree social life, went to visit, was fond of hunting and sports, met celebrities and did not do housework at all. Everything was done by servants, of whom there were several dozen in Jeanne’s house.

However, the happy family, consisting of a husband, daughter and grandson, did not last long. In 1932, Zhanna’s daughter died, ten years later her husband accidentally poisoned himself and died. And in the sixties, the beloved grandson of a woman crashed, a little later, her son-in-law died. So the ninety-year-old Jeanne Calment was left alone. She was quickly approached by an experienced civil lawyer named François Raffret. He liked the luxurious apartment of Mrs. Kalman, but the elderly lady was not going to sell it.

Then Mr. Raffre proposed a contract: he undertook to pay the woman a large pension in exchange for the fact that the apartment after her death would go to him. Kalman agreed to this deal, because the lawyer promised her about 2,500 francs a month (in 1965, 4.9 francs were given for 1 dollar). This, combined with a high state pension, is more than enough for a decent life in a nursing home, where Kalman left at 110 years old.

It is not known how long, in his opinion, the widowed old woman should have lived. But she lived another 32 years! Kalman himself died much earlier, when he was about 77 years old. Jeanne was 120 years old that year, but she was full of energy and quite cheerful. Especially for your age.

Nevertheless, the deal was saved. The pension continued to be paid by Raffre’s wife. The lawyer’s family became attached to the old woman, so no one was bothered by the fact that they overpaid for the apartment by about three times. Kalman herself, laughing, noticed that not all transactions are successful.

She died in her hometown when she turned 122, retaining her status as the oldest person on Earth. Moreover, until her death, Mrs. Kalman retained a sound mind, had a good memory. It is still not clear what caused the longevity of the Frenchwoman.

She did not care too much about her health and ate a lot of sweets – only according to official data she consumed a kilogram of chocolate per week. The woman herself suggested that her longevity was due to the fact that she did not worry about trifles. And also with the fact that she uses fruits and olive oil in her diet. Doctors doubted the effectiveness of these methods, but the fact remains that they worked.

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