The story of circus performer Isaac Sprague, who was considered the tiniest man in the 19th century

The sad story of a tiniest man in the 19th century

Rigid beauty standards force girls around the world to give up their favorite treats, sweat for hours in the gym, buy creams that burn extra grams and bashfully count every calorie eaten.

Gradually, the boundaries are expanding and fewer and fewer beauties do everything to achieve such desired parameters. And there are people who would give anything in this life, just to get a little better.

King of the traveling circus

No signs of trouble. Isaac Sprague grew up like a normal boy. Until he started losing weight. Parents hoped that the doctors would be able to do something, but the medicine of those times was not capable of miracles. Not only did he lose his beauty, but his strength left his hands. And in order to live normally, he had to eat for three people a day – which, of course, was a problem for a non-working person in the nineteenth century.

So he would have suffered further bad luck if one day he had not joined the traveling circus. He was offered quite a lot of money for the fact that he completed his performance with his output. He went for it because he had no other choice.

For many years he performed with artists, earned a small fortune. Isaac had a rich personal life – he was married twice and left behind several heirs. He never managed to recover. Doctor’s advice: “Eat more” turned out to be non-working.

The end of the story was sad. He spent his money on destructive amusements.

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