This girl from US strongly regretted having dreadlocks once she saw the condition of her hair after removing them

The poor lady was devastated witnessing what happened to her hair after she removed the dreadlocks

Dreadlocks is quite a popular hairstyle among the youth. Whereas, it was found out, such a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle can be rather dangerous and harmful for hair. One American girl wanted to remove the dreadlocks she was already bored with and showed the whole internet what happened to her poor hair.

This young lady simply adored the hairstyle she had until she decided it was time to take them out.

Initially, the girl just intended to cut the pigtails, and then she decided to remove them on her own.

She confessed that was a rather difficult task to remove them alone without help of a specialist. In order to remove one single dreadlock it took nearly an hour. And in order to take all of them away she spent nearly 5 days which was a really long time.

Once the poor girl noticed what actually happened to her real hair, needless to say, she was really shocked. The hair looked not healthy, thin and depleted.

The lady was absolutely devastated when she realized the pitiable condition of her hair. She had no idea she would strongly regret gaining them.

Now the poor American girl is obliged to take care of her hair for a long time in order to make them return to their former beauty.


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