How the main characters of the legendary film “Three meters above the sky” changed within 8 years

How the main actors of the famous movie “Three meters above the sky” have changed

“Three meters above the sky” is a legendary film which was released in 2010 and probably stole unexceptionally every girl’s heart and was the most favorite and beloved movie of many. This story is about an innocent young lady Babi and a hot, strong-willed guy Ache. The film was one of the most beloved ones among the young generation at that time and continues to be so. Almost every girl dreams of meeting such a good and attractive guy to live the rest of the life with him having an amazing and exemplary love story as he is a strong and rough guy and at the same time caring, tender and nice when being with that girl’s side with whom he was in love. You can now witness how the main actors of the legendary movie have hanged!

Alvaro Cernavtes

Mario Casas

Maria Valverde

Marina Salas

Clara Lago

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