Try to solve these three riddles for a good mood and exercising your brain

In order to raise our mood, let’s exercise our brains with these interesting riddles

In this picture there is something hidden. Let’s attentively look at these leaves and fruits in the basket.

1.There is a cute kitten in the fallen leaves.

  1. Who is hidden in this autumn fruits?

  1. How many pumpkins are there among the fruits and the leaves?

The correct answers of these interesting riddles you can find at the end.

Of course, it is absolutely compulsory for the kids to exercise their brains making them think deeply and being extremely attentive. But some of them are for adults as they also require such kind of tasks to exercise their brains.

Solving the riddles or puzzles helps people get rid of anxiety stress and discomfort. In this way they feel relieved and fresh. Such exercises can also inspire many of us. And this is absolutely true. According to the studies carried out by scientists these kind of puzzles and riddle have a good effect on our way of thinking and they make us feel as if we are winners when we are able to solve at least one.

1 . The cat has been quite near.

  1. Among the fruits there appeared someone’s face.

  1. There have been five pumpkins hidden in this picture

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