The man spent everything to become handsome. He doesn’t even have money for flowers, but his girlfriend loves him

A man, that spent all his money to have an ideal body

Kaylie Meyers from the British town of South Shields does not remember the last time her boyfriend took her to a cafe. She had not seen gifts for the holidays from him for several years. They cannot afford anything, but not because they are poor. It’s just that all the money goes to the maintenance of the “ideal” body of Adam Baroni, which he made for himself. And now all her friends are terribly jealous of the half-poor Kaylie, who has not a man, but a real handsome man!

These are our heroes, Kaylie and Adam

They met in the gym and agreed on the theme of love for health and beauty of the body. Initially, Adam worked 6 days a week, but did not do well, then he changed jobs and the schedule was disrupted due to long shifts. After the next New Year’s holidays, he gained an extra ten kg, and then his fortieth hit him, and here Kaylee’s beloved was seriously scared. Something that will become very old, decrepit and, most importantly, ugly. That there will be a beer belly and boobs. Everything, time is lost, the end! But then he learned about the existence of male plastic surgery.

This is Adam a few years ago

And here’s what he looks like now

Adam began by not putting aside the next salary for various needs, but spent it entirely on teeth whitening. For the next month, they ate oatmeal, and there were rinses in the bathroom. Then there were Botox injections, chin correction and a forced diet – Adam no longer brought money home at all. Kaylie was used to buying food only on sale and resigned herself to the fact that they would not get a mortgage on their house this year. But what selfies she now has with her boyfriend!

Six months later, Adam withdrew all the money and went to Turkey to see a plastic surgeon. He called Kaylie with him, but she was frankly scared when she found out about the operation. This is artistic liposuction, when fat is pumped out pointwise – we remove it on the sides, “cut out” cubes on the press, plus it is necessary to emphasize the pectoral muscles, etc. The saggy skin is then processed to shrink around the fat like shrink wrap. It turns out a well-defined, beautiful relief, albeit without muscles, purely visual. From Turkey, Adam returned covered in bandages, and for several weeks Kelly helped pump out the oozing fluid so that there was no swelling. The man has only 4% body fat left!

And then Adam threw out all the things from the wardrobe – they simply did not fit on the new figure. They don’t sell clothes for such a body in stores at all, only order a tailor, and this is expensive. And again months without good food, without entertainment and joys of life. But half of the shelf in front of the bathroom mirror is now occupied by his creams and cosmetics, and all her friends are pissing with boiling water and asking to be taught how to get their boyfriends to take care of their bodies at least a little. Because the difference is so obvious that Kaylie is ready to endure the lack of money even further. The main thing is that Adam is now happy, which means that she is happy too!

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