The children could not hold back the tears when they saw what their mother’s house had become

The new house amazed the children and they couldn’t hold their tears back

Recently, a new series of the popular Big House Clearout program was released, after which not only its heroes, but also many viewers will not be able to recover for a long time.

The main character was a single mother with two minor children. Sally, which is the name of the girl, works as a nanny and does not have time to take care of her house at all.

For a year, the room became a real dump and it seemed that no one could cope with this.

Even the team of project professionals were amazed by what they saw. It took a lot of time to provide cleaning services, but, as many noted, it was worth it.

Experts threw out more than half of the things from the estate and transformed every room. When they showed the result of the work done to all family members, the children simply could not hold back their tears.

“My brother and I did not want to return to this place. There are many bad memories associated with it. But such a transformation is perhaps our chance to start all over again.”

The project team did a titanic job. They literally breathed new life into every room. After the release of the series, many noticed that the eyes of a single mother began to shine again.

“I cried throughout the program.”

“It seems to me that the project team gave Sally and her children the best gift imaginable.”

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