Not everyone can cope with this riddle: how to pour water into a glass only with a match and a cork

A trick, that will entertain everyone. You must try this

Back in 2017, an interesting riddle was published. More precisely, this is a trick that almost anyone can repeat using a glass, a match and a cork.

One of the representatives of the restaurant staff preferred to entertain visitors in non-standard ways. One of my favorite pastimes was a special riddle.

If the participant gave the correct answer, he received an impressive discount on his order. But not all visitors were able to cope with the task, so they left the waiter half the amount of the order for tea.

So, the task was as follows: the man put a glass, a match and a cork from a bottle of alcohol on the table, and also brought a plate filled with water. It was required to fill a glass of water so that the plate remained motionless.

To help the client received a match and a cork. And one of the visitors managed to have dinner and pay only 50% of the amount written on the check.

In order to solve the problem, you need to turn the glass over, insert a match into the cork and place the structure in the central part of the container with water.

Next, it was necessary to set fire to a match, and cover the cork with an inverted glass. As soon as the fire goes out, water will penetrate into the glass, since there will be no oxygen left in it due to combustion.

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