A girl went up to her old attic before selling her house and found the thing that made her a millionaire

A find, that made the girl millionaire

The lost work of the popular artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo was found in the attic of one of the old houses located near Towcester, in England.

A descendant of the owners of the house, Henrietta Sitwell, went up to the attic to clean up there, because the house was being prepared for sale.

Upstairs, the British found an interesting item that was packed. The woman took off the packaging and immediately realised that she had an unusual canvas in her hands.

She remembered a story that her family members had told her. It was about the painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. The drawing was bought by the girl’s grandfather, but after a while the purchase seemed to evaporate and no one saw it.

“It is very sad that such a luxurious painting from an 18th-century master languished in the attic for many years,” the girl said.

Henrietta hurried to show the find to the employees of the Dreweatts auction company. Previously, the find was estimated at 250,000 English pounds or 24.4 million rubles. The painting shows a group of people wearing Pulcinella masks. Soon there will be an auction in which the work will be put up for auction.

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