This curious guy secretly entered a derelict house where some people were sitting still and didn’t speak a word

The man was shocked by the terrible scene once he went in a derelict building

This Englishman is in a very strange habit- discovering derelict and dilapidated constructions.

Recently, he found a really strange building which instantly grabbed his attention and moved his curiosity. Inside, the scene was even stranger.

As it was later figured out, the previous owners of the house were two farmers who earned their living by breeding horses.

Initially, the curious guy explored the mews where he found a note left from one of the farmers.

What is more, he managed to find some weird photos, awards which they succeeded in getting during horse contrasts.

Then, he bravely entered the old house where he found a huge collection of comics and a notebook as well.

And when the guy went in the living room he got terrified ever more- there were artificial human bodies sitting next to each other.

The guy was absolutely shocked and perplexed as he couldn’t understand why they created such a horrific scene.

It still remains obscure why they created such a strange and terrible atmosphere in the house.

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