The girl had 8 plastic surgeries for $ 50,000, but the result did not meet her expectations

A victim of plastic surgeries.

The girl spent fifty thousand dollars on the services of plastic surgeons. She underwent many operations, but in the end, the American was unhappy with the result.

Maddie Kay is the name of the heroine of the publication, who told her story on the Tik Tok entertainment platform. The video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

The blogger said that before surgery, she felt much better than today.

The idea of improving the appearance of the girl originated from school times. She did not like her nose – as a child, the girl was injured, which contributed to a change in its shape. Having reached adulthood, Maddie is went under the plastic surgeon’s knife. During rehabilitation, it turned out that the bone had grown together incorrectly.

After some time, the operation was performed again, and again. Nose, lips, muscle tissues were subjected to changes.

“I have been quite obese since childhood. And I had acne on my face. Plastic surgeons have changed my appearance, but this did not make me feel better. It seems that I wasted a large amount of money on the transformation, ”says the blogger.

Most commentators supported Maddie:

You are beautiful, remember that!”

“You look great!”

“We are very sorry that your expectations were not met.”

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