Parents decided to scare their son on Halloween, but what he did surprised the entire Internet

The kind little boy wasn’t at all afraid of a maniac, on the contrary he hugged him

Halloween is a one-of-a-kind holiday that Americans look forward to. Both children and adults take part in it.

They are happy to dress up in various masquerade costumes, paint their faces in the theme of the holiday. For example, one young man decided to play the role of a maniac from the Halloween horror movies.

The guy was asked to congratulate the young neighbor, but the result that turned out at the end was extremely unexpected.

@amberpatrick22 When Michael Myers is life and your 4 year old son has the biggest heart 😅🥰 #heyyouneedahug #fyp #michaelmyers #halloween #toddlersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Amber Patrick

Parents became interested in how their baby would react to an uncle in a scary suit. In fact, it turned out that the child does not pay attention to the disguised neighbor, and when mom and dad focused their son’s attention on the big uncle, the son acted as no one expected. The boy was not at all afraid, and decided to hug the evil uncle.

The video immediately went viral and was shared on Tik Tok and Instagram.

People who watched the video were touched by the act of the child. However, many were outraged that the guy did not completely get out of the image of a maniac. Others blamed their parents.

“It’s incredibly cute. He treated the terrible uncle with tenderness, offering to hug ”

“Parents, what are you, is it possible to do this with a small child”

“Baby is like an angel”


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