Only 1 percent of people can find a face in this picture: the most interesting and unusual illusions

Here are the best puzzles which will require your close and undivided attention to solve

Since the immemorial times people have been greatly interested in visual illusions. They intrigue, make us think deeper and require close attention to the details. What is more, we like such games in which we can easily lie to our brains. Here are the best puzzles which will definitely attract you and estimate how attentive you are.

Where is my owner?

Recently, an old picture of a bear appeared in the internet which goes back to 1880. Well, if we look attentively we can witness not only the bear but also a man, i.e. a man’s face. Can you find him in the following footage? Look at the main picture first, then pay attention to the details.

This picture is titled “Where is my owner?”

The camel and the rider

In this fascinating picture you can find a rider as well. Try to find him!

Did you succeed?

Two faces

Look at this picture. Are you able to find two faces on him? This doesn’t seem an easy task, but I’m sure you will undoubtedly solve it.

Can’t you? Here is the answer.

Where is the face?

Can you see a human face in this picture? No? Well, try to turn it over. Now you can, right?

Help me find my beloved woman

Look at this picture attentively. It seems as if the man lost his beloved woman. Try to find her. Can’t you notice her yet? Here is the answer: You can spot the girl under his right hand.


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