After a party the girl discovered she owned the bank 50 million dollars but she can’t remember how it happened

The girl was shocked seeing she owns the bank 50 million dollars after the party

After a heated party, this girl decided to check her bank account. What she actually discovered deeply shocked her as she somehow owned the bank approximately 50 million dollars which was something totally unbelievable. The astonished girl shared the tragic situation as well as her reaction on social media and even posted the screenshot as a proof of her story’s accuracy. This immediately gained over one million views.

After visiting the bank, she found out that in this way the bank wanted to attractits users’ attention.

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In the next post, the girl calmed her audience saying that was simply a way the banks attract people’s attention.

This incident grabbed not only her follower’s but also the press and media’s attention which also needed to have some explanation for why the bank undertook this unconscious act.

As a response, the bank announced that was just a technical mistake and this happened to only a couple of people and was soon deleted.

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