This granny bought a sofa, but once she sat on it, she ran to the police station. She definitely won’t order anything online anymore

The 80-year-old granny bought a sofa online and then deeply regretted her purchase

This 80-year-old old woman from England bought a coach from an internet shop, but once she sat on it, she felt something hard and solid, discovered the finding and immediately ran to the police station.

The furniture was delivered very quickly and the two delivery men seemed rather strange and suspicious to her. Yet she first didn’t pay attention to that.

The granny paid nearly 180 pounds for the coach and was very glad to have such a bargain until her grandson came and assured that the sofa was just terrible and wasn’t suitable and proper for her. After that, granny decided to trust her grandchild’s signs and wanted to sell it. But now she felt something hard and solid under it. Initially, she thought that was something highly valuable as people often hide expensive things inside it.

Yet, instead of discovering something valuable, the old woman found a machete, a huge knife and was really shocked.

The poor granny got extremely confused and had no idea what to undertake. She instantly ran to the police station in order to get rid of the weapon.


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