The girlfriend tricked her boyfriend: he fell asleep in spring and now it is Christmas! The guy needs some medical care

The poor guy falls asleep in April and when he wakes up, it is already Christmas Eve. Her girlfriend’s trick

This girl shared a real-life story in which she heartlessly tricked her boyfriend. When her fiancé went to bed she took his cellphone and changed the date creating such a special atmosphere so that once he woke up he would realize it is the Christmas Eve. The trick was a success as, once getting up, the guy said he needed some medical care.

On the 3rd of April, this poor guy’s girlfriend wanted to trick him and waited until his boyfriend was asleep. Originally, she intended to trick him on the first of April, on the fool’s day, yet she failed to do so. But she didn’t plan to wait until the next year.

She changed the date on his phono and created a holiday atmosphere. She even asked his friend, with whom he wanted to celebrate Christmas, to join her plan.

Everything was captured on camera. In the footage it is clearly showed how confused and perplexed the poor guy was who couldn’t understand what was actually going on.

@kenzielynnsmith He asked me to take him to the hospital😩 #fyp #foryou @jakemaldonado @conejones ♬ original sound – Mackenzie Lynn

The fascinating video gained over 20 million views a day and the whole internet adored the girl’s creativity. Yet, there were some people who couldn’t understand and considered her a cruel and heartless girl.

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