The woman let her daughter swim alone and deeply regretted that when a whale started to chase the little girl

Mother regretted allowing her little daughter to swim alone as her life appeared on the line

While the daughter was strolling on the beach, her mother was enjoying her time on a deckchair. She constantly looked at her daughter in order to make sure the girl wouldn’t go so deep in the water.

Later, the woman took her cellphone to take some pictures of the nice moment yet her daughter suddenly started to behave in a very unusual and strange way.

She tried to return to the coast screaming that a whale was chasing her and it goes without saying that her mother was put in panic and terror.

She threw her phone and ran to help and save her daughter praying that everything would be alright. Fortunately, the marine creature didn’t manage to do her any harm.

And now, the girl recalls the incident with a smile on her face, yet, mother is still worried.

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