A house was discovered located on a high rock and even experts can’t understand how and why it was constructed

It still remains a secret: who managed to build this house located on a sheer rock which only climbers are able to reach

People usually build their houses in comparatively unusual places in order to seem unique and distinctive among the others. But who decided to construct a house on such a high rock. Why? How?

All this still remains obscure. The specialists managed to get some information from the residents who live near the mysterious place. According to them, this exclusive house was constructed even before the First World War and initially belonged to the military forces, soldiers.

And this is probably right as the house for absolutely appropriate for not only spending nights but also hiding the ammunition and food.

There are a few pieces of furniture and no one currently lives there. Ad it still remains a secret how they managed to reach and construct a house at such a high place as only climbers are able reach it.

There is a supposition that in the past there was a specially designed ladder or a rope bridge. And now this is one of the most beloved places of the tourists here who are fond of visiting such unusual ad unique places.

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