The sister tricked her brother giving him swimming trunks which disappeared at the most awkward moment

The guy was so glad to receive an unexpected and nice present- a pair of swimming trunks, as the season was about to start, yet he had no idea that it was a part of a trick by her sister. His sister, Dora, wanted to trick her brother in a very unusual way. She somehow found swimming trunks which melt once they appear in water.

When the guy perceived the entire situation, it was already too late. The satisfied girl successfully completed the mission and, what is more, captured the funny moment on camera.

@dararobertss We still haven’t told him the truth. Seth, if you see this. I’m sorry. 😂😂😂 #NBCAnnieLive #GiveWithAllYourHeart #lifegoeson #comedy #lol #humor #fyp #MyAncestryStory ♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

The ridiculous video immediately went viral and gained more than 20 000 000 views.  The first footage reveals how her brother ran to the waters with his friends not having any predication what was going to happen later. And the moment the trunks melted in the water, the guy was extremely embarrassed and confused.

However, many people who witnessed the trick, blamed the unconscious girl for letting down and disgracing her innocent brother.

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