The waitress received an unexpected gift from a customer that brought her to tears and changed her life forever

An exciting gift! No one could imagine such a situation

American Susanna Burke once met a good-natured restaurant worker Dunkin Donast. The woman’s name is Ebony Jones.

Since Suzanne is very fond of invigorating coffee, she periodically visited a cafe, where she became friends with Jones.

One day, visiting the cafe again, Burke learned that Ebony and her three children had been evicted from their home. The woman did not remain indifferent to this unpleasant event, so she decided to help in finding a new home.

A regular client of the cafe made a request to New Life Furniture Bank, which is engaged in charity and provides free housing to those in need.

Suzanne’s acquaintances quickly got their bearings and found a good home for a needy family. Soon the woman went to the cafe to give Ebony such an unexpected gift.

“I did my best to improve my friend’s quality of life. She is a very good person and deserves a good life like no other.”

When the woman received the gift, she reacted with joy and said:

“I am very happy, and thanks to Suzanne for such a generous gift. I still can’t believe we have a home.”

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